Grow Your Audience

InstallByte is a leading digital advertising website that offers performance-based solutions for advertisers and media partners worldwide.

Mobile Monetization

Monetize your mobile traffic providing App offers, supporting all major mobile platforms.

Software Publishing

Earn over $3.00 per installation by publishing your software on your websites.

Full Customization

Complete control over your software bundle for both publishers and advertisers.

The best PPI network

Our distributors are verified and approved to provide high-quality installs for your software. Our installation network is one of the best in the world.


Mobile-app support

Never miss an opportunity to monetize your mobile traffics, by using our mobile-app service. Advertisers can get installs for their mobile apps and games through us for competitive rates.


Highest publisher rates

Earn up to $4.00 per installation with the best pay per install network. Our software bundles can provide some of the highest rates per thousand impressions in the industry, for all platforms.


A supporting team

Our team provides ongoing-support and fast service to both publishers and advertisers. All users are assigned a dedicated account manager to help maximize earnings.

Advertisers can generate thousands of new installations for their software through InstallByte. Our account managers will help you to earn the highest return-on-investment for your software, and help you to manage your bids. Bids can be customized and tailored to each user based on factors such as location, language, platform and more.

Make the most money from your traffic and software. Publishers can potentially make over $3.00 per installation through InstallByte software bundles. All desktop and mobile platforms are supported by our systems, and nearly all traffic can be monetized. If you do not have your own software, your account manager may provide you with a landing page.

Earn over $3.00 per install from the software that you develop. Developers can earn money from their software using our specialized and completely-customizable bundles. Our bundles are completely safe for your website and will not cause any issues. Our offers will allow you to monetize traffic on all platforms, not just the ones that you develop for.

Why Installbyte?

InstallByte allows you to access a network of high-quality software advertisements, both for publishers and advertisers alike. Our downloads prevent blocks from browsers, such as chrome blocks, due to our review-process and validation steps. This also protects the software of our advertisers and the websites of our publishers alike. When everyone is working together, we can all earn more.